Sport club THE SPACE

Sport club THE SPACE

1F [180] Service / Gym /

From Monday to Saturday /9 time ~ 24:00
Sunday/Holiday /9 time ~ 22:00
Wednesday every week first on regular holiday /


Gym for exclusive use of adult largest in area.
Of lesson pro glamb and more than 100 training machines, 25M6 course more than 130 a week
Other than large pool, it is completely equipped with sweating room, bathtub, too. In substantial facility Fitness life
Let's enjoy!

Shop News

Now being held experience-based for AEON Sports Club seven days

"Some though we are interested in Sport uneasiness ...."
In lost by the enrollment in AEON Sports Club, uneasy of relief
There is experience-based system.
Gym, pool, studio program, Bathroom, all facilities including sauna
You can use.
As for what participate with friend and family together alone if uneasy
OK. Do you not participate by all means?

<< experience-based period >>
[1] Saturday, March 11 - 20 Monday reservation Reception start 3/6( moon) ~
[2] Tuesday, March 21 - 31 Friday reservation Reception start 3/16 Thursday ~

You can use very much seven days you like in the periods mentioned above.

Participation fee 2,000 yen
※Application needs prior reservation. Telephone 0120-20-7334

Schedule 2017/03/14 TUE - 2017/03/31 FRI

AEON Sports Club new life live support campaign

New life starts!
This season when heart to give health generously dances!
Let's begin Fitness from the new year!
They exercise happily in AEON Sports Club, and both heart and body are refreshed♪

♪New life support campaign now being held♪
<< enrollment privilege >>
(1) office work fee normal price 2,800 yen ⇒ free of charge!
(2) Furthermore, moon fee is at half price by the enrollment more than two people at the same time for one month!
(3) It is moon fee + office work fee 0 yen by transfer from other clubs for one month! !
   ※Member's cards of use club before enrollment, please show certificate of use.

Schedule 2017/03/14 TUE - 2017/03/31 FRI

Customer Thank-you Day

Product 5%OFF in shop
※Fees are excluded

With thanks of thank you.
20th and 30th on everymonth
 Customer Thank-you Day 

Wonderful privilege is got for payment AEON CARD, AEON bank card, WAON Cards (electronic money), the presentation of WAON POINT Cards!

※About target Cards which privilege is caught, it varies according to specialty store.
※Privilege by payment is received the presentation of WAON POINT Cards only in WAON POINT participation shop.
※There is store which we do not carry out including some specialty stores.
※There is product excluding partly.
※With other discount cannot use together.

Specifically, please refer to each specialty store.

We check other participation shop

GG Thank-you Day

Product 5%OFF in shop
※Fees are excluded

Every month on 15th "G.G thanks day"
Privilege that is wonderful by target Cards exhibition!

※Of "G.GWAON" "leisurely WAON" "G.G AEON CARD" either following discount service, a lot of privilege is got for Cards exhibition.
※Please note that contents change without notice, and they may be finished.
※Please refer to each shop for the details of service contents.
※The notation price of updated is price including consumption tax.
※%About OFF notation from each shop normal market price is displayed.
※Comparative price for each shop normal market price.
Specifically, please refer to each shop.

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